Doocots: From east to west, numbers 1-5:
The Doocots are documented across these pages from east to west in the order they appear across the map of the city.

Doocot Number 1:
The most eastern of all the doocots so far discovered, unlike most this one is actually on private grounds within the perimeter of St. Roch's FC ground under the gaze of the Red Road high rise flats currently undergoing demolition. This doocot is also unique as rather then being the usual timber frame it appears to be a converted porta-cabin, with the tell-tale pigeon perch punched through the roof at the west end of the box like structure. In keeping with other doocots though this one has the traditional black paint and asphalt roof over the perch box.

street address: Royston Road, Provanmill, Glasgow, G21 2AA
Latitude / Longitude: 55.877121,-4.201943 (sourced using Google Maps)
site visit date: 14 September 2011

looking north across Royston Road, the doocot peers over the brick wall to the right of the photograph, with the Red Road flats in the background to the left (14/09/2011)

the pigeon perch punches through the end of the box like structure (14/09/2011)

south elevation onto Royston Road (14/09/2011)

One of the pair of long Red Road high-rise blocks which underwent demolition (2011-12) is to be seen dominating the background, note the cage wiring on the inside of the window (14/09/2011)

view of the rear and south side of the doocot, a primitive tank like form, (14/09/2011)

view through the gates of the football club where the doocot can be seen to be sited elevated on piles of concrete blocks with a set of steps fashioned from found timber to the entrance(14/09/2011)

west elevation from Royston Road (14/09/2011)

Doocot Number 2:
Sited just to the north-west of Celtic football stadium in the city's east end. The doocot faces to the south-west on a small grassed area, painted black and clad in metal the doocot is currently in use.

street address: Corner of Millerston Street and Glenpark Street, Parkhead, G31
Latitude / Longitude: 55.857595,-4.21345 (sourced using Google Maps)
site visit date: 21 August 2011

south-west elevations onto Glenpark Street (21/08/2011)

minor graffitti and an advert for a picture framers adorn the south-west elevation (21/08/2011)

looking to the south-east past the doocot Celtic football stadium can be clearly seen in the background (21/08/2011)

side and rear elevations (21/08/2011)

rear elevation and the view to the south-west with the bluevale and whitevale pair of high rise brutalist flats which dominate the skyline in the background (21/08/2011)

Doocot Number 3:
An abandoned doocot and supply hut on the southside of Partick, bordering the railway line that runs from the city centre westwards. The two buildings comprise a doocot and a small shed, the doocot has been burnt out and abandoned. The exposed interior reveals the boarded timber frame construction with green painted corrugated metal sheeting acting as cladding.

street address: Whitevale Street, G31
Latitude / Longitude: 55.856439,-4.21697 (sourced using Google Maps)
site visit date: 07 March 2012

a slender tower at the border of the tenement communal grounds (07/03/2012)

view from the south-east (07/03/2012)

Doocot Number 4:
A pair of structures, one the traditional square plan doocot tower and close by a small store. Located on the east side of the canal as it winds its way through Firhill.

street address: west of Ellesmere Street, G20
Latitude / Longitude: 55.879342,-4.267384 (sourced using Google Maps)
site visit date: 31 October 2011

view across the canal looking at the north-west sides of the pair of doocot structures (31/10/2011)

up high some 75 metres from the bank the two structures look down across the canal (31/10/2011)

the main doocot is painted green and built of corrugated metal with a pithced timber roof and asphalt sheeting (31/10/2011)

the secondary structure is a small corrugated metal store made of a random selection of metal pieces (31/10/2011)

Doocot Number 5:
A single doocot tower on the west side of the canal adjacent to the towpath just south of the Partick Thistle football stadium. This doocot is corrugated metal painted green with a small asphalt sheet covered pitched roof.

street address: east of Firhill Road, G20
Latitude / Longitude: 55.879843,-4.268392 (sourced using Google Maps)
site visit date: 31 October 2011

approach from the south with Firhill Stadium in the background (31/10/2011)

the doocot is to the west of Firhill Road in an elevated position beside the canal (31/10/2011)

south elevation (31/10/2011)

west elevation (31/10/2011)

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